Timeline Mover

Timeline Mover is a simple application that can be used as alternative network client for Lightspace CMS. Compared to the original client does not display the color samples on remote screen, but simulates a keystroke (down arrow).

Timeline Mover makes possible to use network calibration with applications which do not support Lightspace CMS network calibration directly. Measurements can be performed on the same video output configuration, which you use in your daily workflow.

How it works? Generated color samples place to the timeline of your sw. Setup and start network calibration. During measurement Timeline Mover shifts the playhead over the individual samples.

Dav Controller

Dav controller is one of the cheapest hardware controller for Blacmagic DaVinci Resolve. Is inspired by controllers created by Glenn Venghaus (Akai APC 40-mapped to DaVinci) and Nick Eason (DIY Control Surface). Dav controler uses hardware MIDI controller - BeatStep - from Arthuria, which price at the store is $99. The mapping MIDI events from the BeatStep controller to DaVinci Resolve interface is realized by Controller Mate application.